8-Ways to Develop a Good Personality


People form an opinion about your personality (good or bad) from the way you behave with them.  A person with good personality treats others with love and respect.  They insult none.  They have a good sense of humor and people like them.  They are good empathizers and equally good listeners.  The best part is “you cannot fake a good personality”, it won’t last for a prolonged length of time.

To develop a good personality you need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, accept your flaws, and work on it.    Remember “there is a limit to enhance your personal looks but there is no limit to enhance your personality.”

And here are other 8 ways that will help you develop a good personality.

be calm and cool

Be calm and cool

You tend to show your true personality (good or bad) during tense situations.  By yelling and screaming, nothing will change.  Instead, it will worsen the situation.   Mind it people are watching you.  They might form an opinion about you.  Stay calm and think of the options for a solution to your decisive situation, you will surely overcome the toughest of challenges.

exceptional listener

Be an exceptional listener

People like good listeners.  They love to share their thoughts and feelings with them.   Effective listening helps you to understand their problems and provide a good suggestion based on it.   Good listening skill is a good personality trait.


Be Modest

A big ego is not for you, even if you are the most talented person on this planet.  Be modest, it is another good personality trait.

Be Caring

Caring for others shows your compassionate side.  Next time, if someone commits a mistake, forgive and forget, don’t hold a grudge.  It takes you nowhere.  Remember we are all evolving and no one is perfect.


Be trustworthy

People share their feelings and thoughts with those who they think are trustworthy.  You be the one, don’t betray their faith.   It is a good personality trait.

Be well-read

Expand your reading habits.  Read more, cultivate new interests and expand your sphere of knowledge.  And share your knowledge with others and they will share theirs with you.

Be positive

Be positive

Think positive about yourself and about others.  Positive thoughts and actions are good personality traits.  Everybody has ups and downs in their life.  It is normal.  Instead of complaining, look at the brighter side.  Ask yourself what makes you happy, and then work towards it.  Think positive, it boosts your self-confidence and self-respect.

Make more friends

Meet new people.  Go out and enjoy social events, you will make new friends and also get an opportunity to learn about different people and their cultures.  It will enhance your overall personality.

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