8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Aiming for More


If you are a business leader, then you are the driving force behind your employees’ success.  To retain and maintain them is not easy.  It is a daily challenge you face.

Here are 8 powerful ways that will keep your employees motivated to aim for more.

Don’t Underpay Talents

Talented employees are difficult to get.  Underpay them and they will leave you.  It impacts your company negatively.  To retain good talent, pay salary that is consistent with the industry standards across your geographical domain.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Encourage Continuous Learning

Inculcate the habit of continuous learning among your employees.  Teach them new skills by conducting periodic training sessions.  Conduct career advancement trainings, it will keep your employees motivated.  Also, it will prevent them from leaving your company.  Update your employees on a regular basis about the latest technological developments.  People love to work in companies where there is career advancement.

Provide a Friendly Workplace Environment

A pleasant, refreshing, and energy-filled office keeps your employees morale up.  It stimulates a sense of belongingness among your employees.  Providing a friendly workplace comes at no extra cost, so go ahead and make your team feel important.  They will not leave you.


Foster Team Spirit

Encourage team involvement in some of the important aspects of work.  Try and get relevant inputs from them.  Collate inputs which help the business and if possible, implement it.   It makes employees feel important.

Overlook Unintentional Mistakes

It is human to err.  Everyone makes mistakes.  So do your employees.  If it is unintentional, give them the confidence to try again.   Tell them to learn from the mistakes.  Avoid the punishing mode.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Communication is very important in an office setting.  Effective communication eliminates misinterpretation of messages.  Sharing common goals and ideas can boost up the company’s performance level.  Newsletters, e-mails, meetings, discussions are some forms of office communication.  Do it effectively to keep your employees bound to a common goal.

Don’t Look Over the Shoulder

Avoid micromanaging.   Constant peeping over the shoulder sends a wrong message to your employees.  It will put them off.  It can cause an unpleasant feeling of being watched and that too unnecessarily.  Instead set clear-cut goals and follow it up regularly.

Don’t Forget to Appreciate

Everyone craves for appreciation.  Don’t forget to appreciate your employee/s for a work well done.  Small incentives can do wonders to your employees’ morale.   In the present time, retaining good talents is a difficult task, so keep your employees happy.  Happy employees are less likely to leave you.

Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.  Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.  HARVEY MACKAY

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