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At Loohpa, we all come to work every day to help our readers discover and rediscover their potential for an overall personal and professional growth. Everyday, Loohpa opens a fascinating window for our readers to read, share, and comment on articles and videos that carry fruitful, constructive, and knowledge-based information. Loohpa provide its readers a dais to share knowledge and promote discussion on developments in all aspects of teaching and learning in education, business, and management.

Loohpa is a forum too where our readers are able to share international perspectives on education, business and management disciplines. Loohpa brings to its readers table the upcoming trends and changing roles in the world of education and employment. It tries to reduce the gap between the industry and the academics. Loohpa is a career guide and mentor for freshers as well as the experienced. It is a motivational platform for the youth and the aged. It captures and show cases the secrets of the insanely successful people and organizations.

Loohpa encourages and promotes innovations, publishes research findings in education, management and business disciplines.

Leading Management consultants, OD practitioners, psychologists, educational consultants, corporate heads, process consultants, trainers and teachers steer

Loohpa, the knowledge ship.

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