Do Indians love their office?


Yes, according to a survey done by office furniture maker, Steelcase.  When it comes to the question of “do you love your office”? Indians top the chart and French the least.  A staggering 28% of Indian workers stated they felt relaxed, calm, highly engaged, and satisfied with their work place and companies.  In contrast to this, only 5% of French workers felt happy and engaged with their work place and companies.

To note, India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and most of its people live in a congested home environment with noisy, busy, and polluted streets to follow.   This might be one of the major factors that prompt Indian workers to love their office.   The survey also points to an underlying fact that emerging economies seems to be more productive at work environment compared to developed economies.


Here is the list of happy workers by country (in percentage)

  1. India – 28%
  2. Mexico – 22%
  3. UAE -20%
  4. South Africa -19%
  5. Saudi Arabia -19%
  6. USA -14%
  7. Global Average -13%
  8. Poland -13%
  9. Germany -12%
  10. Turkey -12%
  11. Canada -11%
  12. UK -11%
  13. China -10%
  14. Russia -10%
  15. Netherlands -7%
  16. Spain -7%
  17. Belgium -6%
  18. France -5%

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