Empowering Truckers


A novel idea by two Yamuna Nagar based entrepreneurs Ishu Bansal  and Amit Punaini  gave name to a company “TruckSuvidha”.   TruckSuvidha connects potential customers to truckers.  It boosts business for both, logistics industry as well as transporting industry.

How does TruckSuvidha work?

It works on a model of “self-help”.  A customer who has a cargo to move places the requirement through the company’s website or App.  A trucker subscribed to the company can view this requirement.  The intention is reduce losses to the truckers and also, empower them.



Future of TruckSuvidha

Their plan is to establish themselves in the packing and moving as well.  Their current region of operation is the Northern part of India, plans are underway to spread their wings to different parts of India.

Image courtesy : trucksuvidha.com

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