Indian Women on Board – 2016


A study “Women on Board – 2016” was carried out by and   The study covered 38,313 listed companies across nations including 1,459 listed companies from India.   It was done to pinpoint the exact percentage of women representation in the senior management levels.  Norway topped the chart with 40.12% and India bottomed at 6.91%.

According to Rajesh kumar, CEO, and JobPortal, it is unfortunate that Indian women don’t find themselves placed in the senior management levels and the rating 6.91% is far lower than the average percentage for developing countries.”

The study noted that despite India’s headcount of 39% women, only a fraction of that population makes it to the senior management level.  Another interesting fact was that globally the average tenure for women on board is 2 years and in India, it is only 1 year.


Here are the ratings of women on board (Top 5 nations).

  1. Norway – 40.12%
  2. Sweden – 29.13%
  3. Finland – 25.89%
  4. South Africa – 18.31%
  5. USA – 17.37%

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