Ingredients of successful communication


Communication is an integral part of the day to day activity in everyone’s life.   Success and failure in personal and professional life depends a lot on how you communicate.

In today’s fast paced life, communication is too often interpreted in the wrong way giving rise to misunderstandings, feeling of annoyance, and in extreme cases end up in conflicts.  Fortunately, you don’t have to worry; here are 10 ingredients of successful communication which will help you to communicate effectively:

  1. Listen: Listening helps you interpret messages clearly and accurately giving no room to misunderstanding.  In short, use your ears more than your tongue.
  1. Body language: Research has proven that 50% to 90% communication is nonverbal. Show positive body language reflecting your individuality.
  1. Analyze and document the knowledge and information gained through observation and listening.
  1. Ask questions only after you fully understand the person who is on the other side
  1. Present information or ideas patiently and with clarity. Ensure that the listeners understood it clearly
  1. Reply to the queries with humbleness irrespective of the person’s personal or professional status.
  1. Speak slowly and clearly. Make it simple with no room for any doubts, whatsoever.
  1. Give only correct and genuine information.
  1. Use words and sentences depending on the situation.
  1. Give equal attention and respect to people involved in a communication process irrespective of class, caste and age.


A palm-sized story to remember

During a management class, a highly respected professor of business management was asked by his students this question “Sir, could you name the three success factors of a business.”  The professor answered “Communication, communication, and communication.”

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