Interview tips: The 5 ways to ace in a job interview


Job interviews have not got any easier.  It’s still a nightmare among many jobseekers.  To sell yourself and your skills require a great deal of mental and physical effort.    And a coming up job interview needs you to be prepared well.   Here are 5 ways that will help you to face a job interview confidently.

prepare well for interview

Prepare well

Success in a job interview starts with preparation.  First, garner as much as background information about the organization.  Get a general idea of the organization’s products, services, and clients. Scour the organization’s website to read more about the top management (CEO and senior managers).  Also, use Twitter and LinkedIn to read about what these individuals have to say.   Keep yourself in the loop with the company’s latest news and updates.  Read social media profiles of the organization to know more about the company’s culture.  The more you know about the employer, you’ll have better answers to the interview questions.

Know Your Resume


Know Your Resume Well

Interviewers often start an interview with a request “please walk us through your resume”.  It means “tell us about yourself and your work experience.”   So, be prepared.   Aim to speak only for a few minutes.  You need not share everything that is in the Resume.  Be selective.  Just focus on your accomplishment and skills.  Analyze and pick the most compelling components from your academics and work history, share it with them.  It would demonstrate that you have the right stuff.  Speak about things you did that benefited the employer, about the challenges and critical situations you handled, about your leadership qualities, and about your ability to work in a team.

sleep well

Sleep well

Before the big day, catch a full solid 8 hours good night’s sleep.  It maximises your cognitive performance, calm’s your nerves, helps you to handle stressful situations, and do well in a job interview.   Also, it gives you a fresh appearance.

Dress Well

Dress Well

For Men:  Dress professionally to look professional.  Dress appropriate to the position applied for.  Dress conservatively if the company doesn’t have a dress code.    A suit would be the best option.  Wear a suit which fits you, no loud colours and flashy ties.  Wear clothes which are clean, neat, and pressed.  Take a shower or bathe on the morning of an interview.   Use a mild deodorant, avoid overpowering perfumes.  Don’t eat or smoke before an interview.

For Women:  Dress professionally and appropriate to the position applied for.  It would be perfect if you are comfortable in what you are wearing, western or Indian.  During interview, keep your hair off your face; you could pull the hair back into a low pony tail.    Apply mild deodorant, avoid overpowering perfumes.  Brush your teeth before your leave for the interview.  Take a shower or bathe on the morning of the interview.   Wear plain and comfortable footwear.

before job interview

Be confident

Reach the interview spot at least 15 minutes in advance.  You could use these 15 minutes to maximize your confidence.  Here’s how it works. Take a deep breath through your nose and slowly release it out through your mouth.  Focus only on the breathing and nothing else.  It will calm your nerves and cools you down.  If you have dry mouth, drink a glass of water.  Relax and be confident.  During interview, don’t look right or left or away from the interviewer; it’s a sign of nervousness.  Show you are confident; the best way is to make a natural eye contact with the interviewer.  But avoid staring.

There’s only one interview technique that matters….. Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups.   Do your homework, prepare – Jim Lehrer

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