Job Offer – It’s Time for an Intelligent Decision


What a relief!!  It’s time for you to rejoice.  Your long wait has been answered.  Finally, it happened!!  You got a job offer letter.

Your initial response will be to say “yes”.  But is saying “yes”, the right decision?  Think!

No doubt, a job offer letter is very tempting.  But should you give in to temptation?  The answer is a big “NO”.  It’s time for strategy.   First ensure that your decision is not out of desperation.  It should be based on facts and figures as your success and failure depends on it.

Here are 5-simple steps which can be used as a checklist before agreeing to a job offer.

saying yes

Resist saying “Yes” immediately

Be ready to receive a call from the HR.  Once you receive it, resist saying “yes” immediately.    Instead, let them know that you are pleased with the job offer and ask them “when should I get back to you with my response?”    By doing this, you are showing your interest in the job as well as buying time to take an intelligent decision.  Most companies send a job offer letter along with a verbal offer.  Waiting for a job offer letter is a wise decision.

reading job offer letter

Read the Job offer letter carefully

Read the job offer letter, corner to corner.  Check for minute details.  Check if it carries all the points that were mutually agreed upon during the interview.   Check for the position offered, salary details, bonuses, or any other details mutually agreed upon during the interview.  If there are any discrepancies, get it updated by them immediately.


Counteroffer Letter

You like the company, and you want to join it.   But to your disappointment, you notice that the salary offered is not up to your expectation.  Here, a counteroffer letter can be raised.  Through this letter, tell them you are very happy with the job offer but you need another round of discussion to discuss the salary.  Once you send a counteroffer, wait for a reply.  Also, be ready for a positive or negative reply from them.

Thank You Mail

Thank You Mail

If your decision is to take up the job offer, send a thank you mail.  Thank the HR and your new boss.  Thank them for choosing you.  A simple thank you note would be more than enough.

E-mail to Other companies

If you had attended interviews with other companies, it is a nice gesture to let them know that you have taken up a job already.    A simple e-mail will do.  It will make it easier for them to rule you out and consider other candidates.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity –  Albert Einstein”

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