MBA – Does It Add Value to Your Career?


Tens of thousands of young management (MBA) graduates come out each year from the 3000 and odd Business Schools across India hoping to make it big in the corporate world.  But the questions remains, do they make it?  Not many…..  Studies have shown that only 10% of B school graduates possess the qualities and skill sets that the industry is looking for?

If so, is investing in an MBA program worth the money and time?

The answer lies in the choice you make.  Do a self-contemplation as to why you need an MBA and for what?  Remember MBA programs are expensive, time-consuming, and also demands your full-time dedication.  After weighing all the probabilities if you still feel it is worth taking the plunge, then go for it.  Your next choice will be to choose the right B School.

Remember many B Schools make shallow promises of jobs in the best corporate houses who offers a bright career growth and a fat salary, and it should be noted that when the time comes, they fail to deliver their promises.

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So as a step forward towards your MBA program, one of the prime task is to make a reasonable judgment to detail out the credentials of the B School from where you intend to do your MBA program.  To be on the safer side, it is better to choose between the top 100 B Schools.  If your grades are higher, you can choose from the top 25 or top 50 B Schools.  But if your grades are lesser, then pick a reasonably good B School.

Also, there are many foreign Universities which offer MBA programs but it is very expensive.  If you are willing to bear the extra cost, then you can opt for an MBA program from a foreign University, but remember to choose the right B School.  Selection to MBA programs are through aptitude & psychometric tests, essay writing, group discussion, and an interview.


How does MBA add value to your career?

If you are a young MBA graduate, it adds value to your persona or image.  The perceived value is not limited to your friends, relatives, and family, even employers prefer to hire MBA graduates from the best B schools.

MBA program offers a wide range of specializations, to name a few Marketing, HR, Operations, Systems, International Business and Finance.  Compared to Engineering and Medicine, MBA provides flexibility while switching core career paths.

Most of the MBA programs offer dual specialization which helps in making a smooth career shift.  For eg:  You decided to choose and pursue MBA in Marketing and HR.  After completion of the course, you chose marketing as your career option.  And after working for a couple of years in the marketing field, you can still switch back from marketing to the HR domain as you possess the prerequisite knowledge of HR which you gained through dual specialization.

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MBA is like a window to the world of business.  It simulates the knowledge necessary for you in real business world through case studies, industrial visits and projects.  Your career graph also gains momentum from the junior to middle to senior level in a short span of time when compared to other non-MBA graduates with the same experience as yours.  Your salary will also be at the higher end.

The final touch:

Remember before you start the journey with any MBA program, make sure you absolutely need it, make sure you fit the bill, make sure you chose the right B School, and finally make sure you will put all your efforts and persistence to reach your career goal.

Business Schools don’t create successful people.  They simply accept them, then take credit for their success – Josh Kaufman.

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