Negative Office Gossips – 5 Ways to Break It


Office negative gossips pose an undoubtedly challenging, demanding, and punishing situation for any new manager.  If you are a new manager, you are bound to step unto situations that are completely out of your comfort zone.  If you have not faced one yet, you are surely going to confront it, today or tomorrow.

Negative office gossips are missiles that destroy the peaceful natural world that exists in the office.  As a new manager, it is best for you to find a permanent remedy to this highly explosive situation.  You need to fix it before it is too late (effectively, directly, and very fast).   Creating a sense of belongingness and positive thoughts among your team members should help you turn things around. Negative gossips come in all sizes and colors.  It creates a barrier between your goals and objectives.  Before it handicaps your office work, it is good for you to have a control on it.

Here are 5 ways that you can employ to remove negative office gossips

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Direct talk with the gossipmonger/s

A direct talk with the gossipmonger/s should be the first step.  Communicate to them about the overall negative impact created by their gossips.  Since this is a sensitive issue, care should be taken.  As a manager, you should arrange a personal talk with the culprit/s in your office room or conference room.  No one should overhear your conversation.    Tell the culprit/s directly that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, and it is not the office culture.  And that if they continue to spread negative gossips, then punitive actions which will lead to termination will follow.


Meet the Team

Once you are done with the gossipmonger/s, calling a team meeting should be the next step.  Place this talk on a discussion mode and allow your team members to discuss about the bad side effects of “negative gossips”.  Also, as a manager you should brief them about the negative impact that unwanted gossips can have on the company, employees, customers, and products/services.  Try and slowly create an environment that encourages trust and positive gossips.

away from gossips

Keep away from negative gossips

Tell your team not to be a part of any negative gossips.  Build a work culture that encourages positive minds and attitude. Tell them that as aspiring future leaders participating in office negative gossips will have a negative impact on their career plans.

Make way for positive gossips

Positive gossips should be encouraged among your team.  Sharing experiences about good customer services, good marketing strategies, good practices etc., should become a habit within your team.

role model yourself

Be a role model yourself

Preach what you practice.  Your staff looks up to you for guidance, so be careful.  You yourself cannot be a part of gossipmongers, avoid it.  Always set an example for your team as well as other departments.  They will try to emulate you.

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip

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