Road map towards your career goals


Today, many of you dream of a slingshot career graph which should be able to take you to dizzying heights.  But at the same time you all know, for a dream to convert itself into a reality, you have to make an inspiring attempt at realizing it.

But how do you do it? -What are the prerequisites needed for it?  What are the soft skills needed for it? To know just that, Read on:

Today’s world is extremely competitive.  Liberalization & Globalization drives the market-centric economy; it has renovated global economy, and has given way to wider job opportunities.  At the same time, opportunities have given rise to competition.  The competition to grab the opportunities also multiplied and it gave an edge to the competent.  The need for every individual to be competent enough to land on a rewarding career has unmistakably become a criterion.  Every job asks for quality results.  Quality results are the outcome of a continuous learning process, and to stay in competition, the need for you to upgrade your professional knowledge and tweak your talents have become much more essential now.  Proactive productive results are the only means that can drive you up the career ladder.

Two other important factors that play a role in your career build up are hard skills and soft skills. The occupational traits required for doing a job is termed hard skills, and the personality traits needed to execute a job effectively is termed soft skills.

Here are 5 strikingly important soft skills which you need to work on to reach your career destination.  Also, these competence factors will act as a road map for you to reach your career goals.

clear cut goals

1) Set clear-cut goals

You have to put in place a well-demarcated career goal of where you wish to be at various points in the coming years.  The goals must be SMART.  In simple terms, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound.  One must prioritize the goals so that you can even achieve multiple goals together.  Mentoring is a choice you can choose to help you set your goals.  Good mentors can guide you set your career and personal goals and help you to plan and realize the goals in an effective way.

portray your ideas

2) Portray your ideas convincingly

Good communication and presentation skills are ranked in the first order of all life skills.  How well you convey your ideas and messages becomes crucial in your career growth.  Communication should be clear, precise, credible, and time bound.  Effective use of verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills along with listening and observation leads to quality delivery of messages.


A good presentation generates high-impact impression among your seniors and customers which surely guarantees a place in the higher grade.

adapt to change

3) Be ready to adapt to change

In today’s fast changing world, you should have the capability to adapt to an ever demanding work environment.  The passion for learning, showing initiative, making good interpersonal relations, maintaining patience, and promoting team spirit helps you to get acclimatize to the changing needs of the organization.  A person must possess emotional intelligence to get adapted to any environment hence organizations prefer those with high EQ rather than IQ now a days for all crucial job roles.

leader in you

4) Bring out the leader in you

Sometimes you feel defeated because things don’t appear to be working the way they’re supposed to be?  This is the time when you have to awaken the leader in you.  As a leader, you should have the patience, the conviction, and the desire to stand up for that something you do.  You need to possess a clear vision, mission, accountability, and responsibility as well as don the responsibility of a good mentor to your team members at work place.  Organizations are looking for transformational leaders who can manage the change process successfully.  Good organizations identify leaders from their own employee base and mould them through implementing effective training.  It is simple, if you smell a leadership quality in you, you have to immediately embark on a mission to prove your leadership mettle.

office conflicts

5) Conflict Management

Conflicts have become an integral part of work life, and it cannot be ruled out so easily.  But you can identify and handle conflicts by decreasing the negative aspects and increasing the positive aspects of it.  Ability to proactively sense the problem, find feasible solutions to already existing problems, handle conflicts in a constructive manner are some of the important skills required for moving up the career ladder and reaching your career goals.  You will face challenging obstacles on a day-to-day basis at your work environment, but rather than brooding over it, you have to promote the “we” feeling among your team members, and it can substantially lessen self-importance or ego among peers and lay a road towards a win-win discussion and negotiation.  By doing so, it will reduce the occurrence of destructive conflict situations.

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