The Spirit of SERVICE


We have a Valentine’s Day, a Teachers’ day, a Mothers’ day, a Father’s day, then why not a ‘No Service Day.’  Can you ever think of this as a possibility?  In one way or the other, everyone has adopted to a give and take approach, especially service.  The only thing that is constant is change, and certainly, the world is changing every day and with it, the concept of service also.  When it comes to service, you need a change in its approach and the approach has to evolve over years.

Your service level cannot remain the same as it was a few years back.  In today’s world, customer is everything; he is the “god.”  His expectations are ever increasing and never ending.  If you wish to provide an impeccable service to your customer, you need to think out of box.  The need to focus on doing things differently rather than doing different things becomes a striking appropriateness.

Organizations and employees should be accountable and responsible for the same.  The spirit of innovation allows the service provider and the customer to be enthused.  The success of customer service depends on the delivery of customer expectation and the build up of customer perception.  People do talk about different dimensions of service.

But what is good service?

A good service is divided into two parts.

emotional and rational part of services

If you take the rational part of service, it includes the technical expertise, good infrastructure, accurate planning and execution, adherence to the price estimation, effective solutions, on-time delivery, feedback, and follow up.

If you take the emotional part of service, it includes the understanding of client, empathising with the client, showing respect, listening and acknowledging, care and patience, fulfilling promises, and showing courtesy along with demonstrating professionalism.

When it boils down to rating, how would you rate each part (emotional and rational)? What percentage would you give each one of them?

emotional and rational questions

It should be

100 points

It is next to impossible to have a good material service without a good personal service and vice versa.

Service is identifying and efficiently meeting customer needs.  Good service combined with proper understanding will definitely meet customer expectations.  A professional relationship should be a strategic one.  Once we deliver a service, the door should remain open and not closed.  A good service always find itself standing on the pillar built with emotional binding, professional relationship, and an excellent technical output.


If you can raise the spirit of good service to a higher level of perfection, there is nothing that can stop a well-rounded individual and organisational growth.  It also realizes the cherished dream of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that India should become a developed country.

Let us strive hard for that…

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