Top 7 signs you’re going to be fired


No one is excited to hear from their boss these three words “You’re fired.”  And believe me! It is very painful when it happens to you.  It attacks your self-esteem.  And sometimes it happens to you when you think everything is fine at work.  So, does ‘firing’ happen from nowhere?  Certainly not!

Signs and symptoms show up long before you’re officially told you’re fired.  You mayn’t be aware of it, but your colleagues will be.  Watch out for these signs which show your job is at risk; suddenly you are out key meetings and projects, colleagues start giving you pitying looks, your responsibilities are shrinking, your boss shows little or no interest in you, you’ve started getting critical feedback through emails, and you start feeling that somewhere something is wrong.

Watch this video…. as this video is just about it.  About the top 7 signs that you’re going to be fired….


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