Top Five Controversial Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work


Some topics are not for workplace conversations.  Discussing these controversial topics might drag you into unpleasant situations.     It can boomerang negatively and your boss and co-workers might start seeing you in bad light.

Here are top five topics that you must avoid discussing in your workplace.

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Religion is a personal choice and very sensitive.  A discussion on it might trigger unwanted arguments, especially in a workplace.  Some of your co-workers might think it as an intrusion into their personal space.    The safest bet is to keep away from this controversial topic.  Remember office has no place for such a topic.



In a workplace, discussing your political preferences, political candidates, or trying to win over others to your side is a big No-No.  Politics is not a workplace topic.  It not only creates trouble for you but also ends up eating into your productive hours.   Don’t be a trouble dealer.

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Office is not the right choice of place to talk about your personal or family problems.  Keep your private life separate from your work life.   Moreover your coworkers might have little or no time to spare and listen to your problems.  Revealing too much of your personal problems might feed the rumor mill in the office.  Avoid being a fodder for the office rumor mill.

carrer fight

Career Goals

Never discuss your career goals or aspirations at work.  If you are planning to leave the current job for a better one, better keep it to yourself.  Don’t big mouth it.  Your boss might not be happy hearing it from someone else’s mouth.  You can tell everyone when you have the resignation letter ready.

Health issues

Don’t dig deeper into your health issues at work.  You are giving your boss and coworkers a chance to wonder whether your illness will affect your productivity negatively.   If you need a day off due to illness, better talk to your boss and have it.

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