Try these 5-terrific mantras to keep yourself self-motivated

Self-motivation is necessary in every aspect of life.  Be it career, social life, relationship, or your personality, self-motivation facilitates the completion of tasks that you undertake.  Here are 5-terrific ways to enhance your self-motivation.

realistic goals

Set realistic goals

Don’t set unrealistic goals.  Set goals which are achievable.  Set a timeframe.  Break the goals into smaller ones, for it is easier to work on it.  Remember not to set goals in the “mind”.  It never helps.  Use a notepad and make a note of the goals.  Make it a point to read it every morning when you wake up, it would remind you of the targets for the day.

stay positive

Stay positive

Don’t get influenced by negative thoughts and people.  Stay positive and be with positive people.  It enhances your self-confidence as well as motivation to go ahead with your actions plans.   At times, someone may try to undermine your effort, just ignore it.   Pull yourself up, be positive, and go for your goals.

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination limits the ability to work effectively.  Putting off things to the next day only lengthens the time in reaching your goals.  To help you psychologically, break down the goals into smaller ones.  Work on it piece by piece.

Stay focused

Stay focused

Focus on the goals.   Think out of box; try different ways to keep yourself motivated.  Do the toughest tasks first.  Move from the toughest to the less tough ones.  Focus on one task at a time.  It will boost your self-confidence.

Never give up

Never give up

At times, it may seem that everything is going the wrong way.  The obstacles may seem endless, you may be discouraged, and exhausted.  But let none of these circumstances or obstacles slow you down.  Don’t lose your optimism and your initial enthusiasm.  Remember that you are chasing a big dream.  Carry on, for the reward for reaching your goals are very sweet.  Never quit.

Quote:  “When your back is to the wall and you are facing the fear head on; the only way is forward and through it.”

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